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It depends on the type of Inspection and the number of defects found. Generally, you can allow 1 to 1.5 hours per 100m2 of house area for the actual Inspection. At Handover Hero, we work to a standard and not a clock. We will never rush through an inspection as we stand by the quality of reports we produce.
You are more than welcome to attend your Inspection if you’re available, but this is not a requirement. If you aren’t there to discuss the results of your Inspection, we will call you on completion with a summary. Our reports are comprehensive, detailed and include photos of every defect found, so you always have an easy reference on hand.
Yes, we can liaise directly with your Builder to arrange an Inspection time and date if you’d prefer. We’ll always cc you on any correspondence to your Builder to arrange access, keeping you in the loop.
We inspect the interior of the home, the exterior where accessible, the roof exterior from a standing position on a ladder, and the roof space from the access hole. We inspect driveways and paths, surface drainage and sub-floors where accessible if applicable. Our Inspections are comprehensive and cover a large scope of items. Please refer to our Inspections page for more detail on what we check at each Inspection.
We inspect to the QBCC (Queensland Building and Construction Commission) Standards & Tolerances Guidelines. These are guidelines set out by the QBCC to ensure the finished workmanship meets these standards. Your building certifier will not inspect any quality workmanship at your property.
Handover Hero complies with the required qualifications for Building Inspectors in Queensland. David holds a current QLD builders licence (QBCC #15111144 My Building Inspection Pty Ltd Trading As Handover Hero) and a current Inspector licence to ensure your report is formatted correctly. We are also members of the Master Inspector Association and Master Builders QLD. We hold current Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurance.

No, not all Building Inspectors are licenced like Handover Hero. Sometimes unlicenced employees work under a company licence. At Handover Hero, we stand by the quality of our inspections. David is a licenced builder and licenced inspector, ensuring you receive a quality inspection and a correctly formatted report.

If you’re unavailable for the Inspection, we’ll give you a phone call on completion to advise on how your property compares to similar sized new homes. Your report is then finalised and emailed to you on the same day.  *Provided your Inspection is completed by 3 pm, the Inspection Agreement is signed, and payment is received.
Yes, if this is your preference. Provide your Builder’s email address when you complete our online booking form, and we will send the report to your Builder at the same time we issue it to you.
Unfortunately, we can’t get involved in disputes with your Builder. We’ll gladly review any disagreements regarding defects listed in our report if the Builder can provide the reference to prove otherwise. We can also provide you with the QBCC dispute resolution process to help with this.
We offer four Progress Stage Inspections, with them ideally taking place at the following stages:

1. Slab stage: The following days after the slab pour, before the frame installation.

2. Frame/Pre-Linings: Once the windows and rough-ins, including plumbing, electrical, air conditioning have been completed, but prior to internal/external wall linings.

3. Enclosed Stage: Once the brickwork and external wall claddings are complete.

4. Fixing Stage: Once the plaster wall linings, cabinetry, doors/timber architraves/skirtings and wet area tiling are complete but before painting stage.

Please view our Progress Stage Inspections page for more information on what we inspect at each of these stages.
We ask that you keep in touch with us at when you know the next stage is approaching. We will also send a follow-up email when we expect your next Progress Stage Inspection is coming up. If you prefer, we can liaise directly with your Builder for the most suitable time for your Inspection, so let us know if you’d like us to take it from here!
Practical Completion is the contract term for when the property has reached a habitable stage, i.e. is 99% complete. Often this is the stage the Builder will invite you to the property to list any defects and rectifications to be completed before Handover takes place 7 to 14 days later. More information can be found in your building contract.

Handover is the date you receive your keys following any defects and rectifications listed on your Practical Completion document have all been completed. More information can be found in your contract.

Our Handover Inspections ideally take place at Practical Completion stage or just after, allowing time for your Builder to rectify the defects without delaying your Handover date.
At Practical Completion stage, once all works are completed, and the house is clean and ready for Inspection. This is generally 1-2 weeks before the physical Handover of your home to allow time for rectifications.
We recommend a Re-Inspection if you want peace of mind. We check that all defects from your initial Handover / PC inspection have been completed in a tradesman-like manner and to the QBCC Standards and Tolerances. We also confirm that no new defects are apparent (e.g. sometimes further damage occurs when trades access the property to fix defects). You will also have a new report to issue your Builder outlining any outstanding work before Handover takes place. Re-Inspections are a fraction of an initial Handover Inspection cost and allow you to confirm everything is completed correctly.
Please discuss any items with your building inspector before your Inspection takes place. If you have particular concerns or items you aren’t sure about, please talk them through with us. We can ensure you receive clarification on whether the QBCC Standards and Tolerances apply to them.
We are happy for you to make us aware of any specific items you may have concerns about. Please discuss these items with your Building Inspector before your Inspection takes place.
Works should be complete and ready for Inspection, as incomplete works run the risk of having undetected defects if we aren’t there to see the finished product. Depending on the extent of unfinished works, we may need to reschedule so you get the best value. Please discuss this with your Inspector before your Inspection.
We finalise and email your report to you the same day as your Inspection.  *Provided the Inspection is completed by 3 pm, the Inspection Agreement is signed, and payment is received.
Yes, absolutely. Please get in contact to request a sample report.

Yes. We can complete an inspection provided the property is less than 12 months old. We specialise in the QBCC standards and tolerances, which do not apply to most non-structural defects after this period. We don’t perform Inspections on properties over 12 months.

No sorry, we specialise in new home construction.

No, sorry we don’t offer Pest Inspections. We specialise in New home Progress Stages and Handover Inspections.
No, sorry, we can’t provide pool inspection certifications. We specialise in New home Progress Stages and Handover Inspections.