Progress Stage Inspections For Peace of Mind

Ensure the quality of your home from the ground up, with our experienced and licenced inspector overseeing your property at each stage of construction.

You can save significant rectification delays by identifying any problems as they arise, reducing the risk of defects being covered over and concealed by later stage construction works.

Put your mind at ease with Handover Hero progress stage inspections, designed to identify defects at four key progress stages:

  • Slab (Post-Pour) – the days following slab pour before the frame installation.
  • Frame Pre-Linings – windows and rough-ins completed, including plumbing, electrical, and air-conditioning but prior to wall linings installation.
  • Enclosed/Lockup – brickwork, roof and external wall linings complete.
  • Fixing – timber fixings, doors, cabinetry and wet area tiling complete but before painting.

Find your Peace Of Mind with our Progress Stage Inspection Process:


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Our licenced Builder and Inspector will complete a thorough inspection of your property at each Progress Stage, identifying defects in line with the QBCC Standards and Tolerances. We can confirm whether items from the previous Stage Inspection have been rectified wherever possible at the following inspection.

If you are not present at the time, we will call you on completion and outline our findings.


We email you (and your Builder if you provide their email address) a comprehensive report outlining all defects found. The report includes detailed photos of each item and references the QBCC Standards and Tolerances to help avoid disputes.

We’re available if you have any questions after reading through your report.


We will keep in touch to schedule your next Progress Stage Inspection at the appropriate time.

Our Peace of Mind Package

For complete peace of mind, book in all 4x Progress stage inspections, a Handover Inspection & Handover Re-Inspection, and we will send you a $100 e-Gift Voucher upon completion of the final inspection.

Some of the items checked at our Progress Stage Inspections are:

  • Surface levels suitable for floor coverings
  • Edges vibrated i.e. no excessive voids/holes
  • No reinforcing steel exposed
  • Plastic to be turned up slab face
  • Surface suitable for nominated floor coverings
  • Wall frames are plumb/straight
  • Windows plumb/straight
  • Window fixings installed per manufacturers recommendations
  • Frame overhang to slab not excessive
  • Frames free of damage
  • Roof trusses plumb/straight
  • Roof Trusses free of damage
  • Brickwork level
  • Brickwork plumb
  • Mortar joints consistent
  • Wall cladding weatherproof
  • Door margins consistent
  • Architraves flush
  • Skirting straight
  • Tiling free of excess lips
  • Tiling grout joint consistent
  • Tiling grout free of holes/voids
  • Plaster defects


Our Guarantees

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QBCC Licenced Professional.

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Guaranteed Same Day Reports

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Our reports are recognised by 3rd parties per the Australian Standard.

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